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Trying to convince fiancée that I needed a new computer to improve my.. email, Figma, and spreadsheet performance. You know, work stuff.

I refuse to believe that it's gonna snow today.

We had no Christmas tree, so we pretended the light stick as some ultra modern overly-simplified one.

I think we brought back 10 kilos of stuff that we can’t usually find here in Japan.

Plus some gifts from Indonesian friends.

Bookpressed some Ginkgos as gifts for my journaling friends in Malaysia... then forgot to pass it to them ;__;

We're back in Japan, finally able to introduce my fiancé to my parents and my home country.

Despite being sick throughout the entire trip (not COVID), she really enjoyed her time in Malaysia and looking forward returning in better shape.

Showing a Japanese guest some exciting places in Malaysia that she probably never heard of

Saw the new Avatar. It was boring as fuck.

CF Stage Team calling it a night for Day -1. Dead tired. Starting Day 0 early morning tomorrow to continue setup and rehearsals.

Immigration forced me to dye my hair black, else I can’t renew my passport >:(

Comic Fiesta 2022 Day -6: Venue recce with the commies and volunteers. Seeing the hall for the first time in almost 3 years.

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the nvme heatsink(s) you don't need

also, why the fuck are there so many of them

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