Shin-Yokohama station has new modern LCD panels, but for some reason decided to emulate the old LED dot matrix board like the other stations.

The last photo is the old board at my station.

Uh.. today’s a public holiday? ._.

In Japan, you'll find any kinds of exotic chip flavours. Seaweed, soy sauce, sour plum, beef steak, pizza, fancy truffle, even cola flavoured chips.

But Salt & Vinegar chips? No no, that's too much to ask for :(

Dear web and services which disables "paste", I represent people who uses password managers, wishes you step on a fucking lego.

You want me to manually type a string of 20 random ass characters? Are you guys fucking mental?

I present you probably the worse Chocolated Dipped Strawberries the planet ever seen, made by yours truly.

Definitely ruined perfectly fine batch of strawberries, white chocolate and kitchen in the process. Dear fiancée, forgive me.

Happy White Day, everyone.

Michelle Yeoh wins Oscar for a movie with contents that conversative Malaysians wouldn't approve. I see this as a bigger win >:D

@nanaya the thought of 2009 is actually 14 years ago, scares me.

Me, non-American: Oh, Starfield coming out on 9th June?

My body is still in pain after 2 days

Today is the last day of the best month :(

Stop asking me to slap phone covers on my phone, people D:<

*GASP*. Davinci Resolve crashed for the first time. D:

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