Shin-Yokohama station has new modern LCD panels, but for some reason decided to emulate the old LED dot matrix board like the other stations.

The last photo is the old board at my station.

I present you probably the worse Chocolated Dipped Strawberries the planet ever seen, made by yours truly.

Definitely ruined perfectly fine batch of strawberries, white chocolate and kitchen in the process. Dear fiancée, forgive me.

Happy White Day, everyone.

Me, non-American: Oh, Starfield coming out on 9th June?

I turn 37 today.

However this post dedicated to someone who shares the same birthdate as me, my dad.

He has an upcoming surgery to replace his heart’s ICD, and I’m praying him all the best.

Just realised that those girls in Violet Evergarden are actually working as manual ChatGPT

Trying to convince fiancée that I needed a new computer to improve my.. email, Figma, and spreadsheet performance. You know, work stuff.

We had no Christmas tree, so we pretended the light stick as some ultra modern overly-simplified one.

I think we brought back 10 kilos of stuff that we can’t usually find here in Japan.

Plus some gifts from Indonesian friends.

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